Painting by Aivazovsky “Among the Waves”

In the works of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky a special place was occupied by the theme of the sea. He never concealed his love for the sea landscape. And his inspiration was inexhaustible, and today we have the opportunity to admire many of his paintings dedicated to the sea.

Cloth “Among the waves” is written in 1898, when the artist was already over 80 years. However, it is considered the apogee of Aivazovsky’s work. “Among the waves” can be considered a continuation of the plot, started in the film “Black Sea”. However, on the canvas is no longer just a raging sea, but a real element on the water.

Aivazovsky painted a storm on the sea, raging waves, and above them a terrible stormy sky. Accompanied by the elemental wind, the waves rise and furiously roll one on top of another, forming a sinister foam ready to swallow anything that gets in its way.

The wind thickens the stormy, heavy clouds over the sea and is about

to drop a devastating rainfall that will add thunderstorms to the raging elements. No living soul is in the picture. Even birds are afraid to fly in this weather over the sea.

Above the sea is a low, black sky, on the right it even merges with the sea and there is absolutely no horizon line, as if the storm of the sea and the thunder of the sky want to unite into one fierce element. However, to the left breaks the ray of the sun, it reminds of something good and bright and symbolizes that no matter how ferocious the sea is now, calmness will soon come and everything will end.

The picture is not familiar to the stormy sea landscape elements. There are no ships, like paper, waving at sea, fragments of masts, frightened people struggling with the elements. However, this landscape is no less threatening and grandiose. Aivazovsky also did not use a lot of colors, the picture is executed in black and white and blue, but the landscape does not seem boring, monotonous, it shows expression, energy comes from it.

The sea of ​​Aivazovsky is strong and inviting, with its threateningness it calls for feats, accomplishments. The storm of emotions and feelings that the sea reveals in a person shows its essence, all the present that is in it.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “Among the Waves”