The Painting by Yuon “March Sun”

Before us is the landscape of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Yuon “The March Sun”, where he accurately conveyed the moment when the spring comes into its own. The main impression of the picture is a life-affirming joy. Kartinavsya just riddled with bright sunlight. Everywhere there is snow, but in the air the state of the awakening of nature from winter hibernation is very accurately shown.

The artist talentedly wove in an open-air landscape of the world scene, which only emphasizes the arrival of spring. KF Yuon was very fond of the nature of the Moscow region and in this picture he paints everything that is dear to him. The painting depicts horsemen who ride through melting snow. In the background is a small black dog, which was tied up behind them. She plays and barks at a red-haired foal and everyone is very cheerful and joyful. The guys just left the village, because it’s very pleasant to make a walk on such a wonderful day.

The whole picture

conveys the movement, starting from the wind in the branches of the trees and ending with frolicking people and animals. The peasant houses are beautiful, with carvings and shutters carved. It is clear that not all in the villages then lived prosperously and could decorate their homes, but for a solemn and beautiful painting the artist and the background chose the corresponding one.

The sky is clear and blue, all in bright colors. On it the clouds fly happily, and the breath of spring is felt in a light breeze. March rays of the sun gild the tops of trees, roofs of houses and as yet deep snowdrifts. The land is covered with snow, but everything in the picture is hornbeam and birch, people, animals and houses are waiting with immense impatience for real heat and sun.

The mood of the picture is cheerful and joyful, transmitted by bright, festive colors – white, blue, gold and pink. The artist very accurately conveyed the beauty of nature on a typical March day, as if he wanted to say that life is beautiful in any moment, you just have to be able to see them.

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The Painting by Yuon “March Sun”