Composition on the theme “Language and Culture”

There is no word that would be so zamashisto, briskly, so it would burst out from under the heart, so it would boil and quiver like a well-spoken Russian word.

Every day, without hesitation, we use a lot of different words, imaginative, beautiful, sonorous. Words that, forming a certain order, form their own interesting and original world. A world in which its laws operate, its mysteries and mysteries that have not been solved yet, a world that has its own unique history. Do we understand to the end, are we always aware of why these or those words exert such a strong influence on us, on our souls, our thoughts, our lives?

Language is one of the most important and oldest social phenomena. It is difficult to find anything in our life that would be so significant for us, for our existence. It is very easy to imagine life without a computer and television, gas or electricity, without ink, newspapers and magazines. But how could mankind exist if it were deprived of speech.


everyday life we ​​often use the words of our native language as naturally as we walk, breathe, look. The word is for us an ordinary and important means of communication, a means of perception of fiction. Using certain words and expressions, we rarely think about the fact that the word itself has its origin, its history, its image, its meaning. How well we use the means of our language depends on how we are perceived by others. After all, quite often the same word, spoken in various situations, surrounded by different words and endowed with different meanings, can have quite the opposite effect on the interlocutor.

The ability to use all the richness of the Russian language in the right form plays an incredibly important role in our life. The word can become a real weapon – great, capable and wounded, and heal. With the help of the language, people communicate with each other, express their thoughts and feelings, language promotes the development of science, technology, the development of the entire human world.

The culture of speech is the correct pronunciation, the knowledge of all norms

and rules of usage, the ability to use the expressive means of language. The culture of communication embodies a much greater and deeper meaning, this is one of the most important components in a common human culture.

Possession of all the riches of the language is an important indicator of the cultural level of development of any person, regardless of his age, nationality, profession. The ability to clearly, accurately and clearly express your thoughts will help to be properly understood by others. This is the aesthetic side of the human personality, because the skillful mastery of the native language reflects, in general, the culture of not only an individual, but the whole people, society. Language – a great miracle of culture, created by the people, augmented by the best writers and publicists, the spiritual value of society, therefore our society has every right to be called rich spiritually.

It’s sad that recently we are paying less attention to the development of our language – wonderful, beautiful, magical. In Russian and Ukrainian, many masterpieces of literature are written. How much valuable can be gleaned, how can you enrich and revitalize your language, relying on the great heritage of the people! Russian and Ukrainian languages, in which there is so much in common, have a common origin. They represent a huge value, which you can comprehend all your life. After all, the national language unites the literary language, territorial dialects and professionalisms, jargons and vernaculars into a single system. Understand all this variety, learn how to use all the riches of your language competently – this is the task that everyone should set for themselves.

I think everyone agrees that the high culture of oral and written speech, the ability to correctly use all the expressive means of the native language, the desire to protect and multiply them, is an important task for each of us.

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Composition on the theme “Language and Culture”