Painting of Nyssa “February Moscow”

Painting of Nyssa “February Moscow”

Hiding from the city bustle, George Nyssa stopped the moment and showed the real winter of the Moscow region. February. Last month of snow, cold and ice. People are waiting for spring.

The picture shows skiers, who hasten to admire the winter silence and sleep in the expectation of spring forest. The trees are tall and dark. Somewhere there a white hare gnaws a wet bark. On the hill you can see how the train rushes, leaving puffs of smoke. Inside the house people drink hot tea and want to quickly find themselves in the warmth of city apartments.

On the road there are almost no cars. There is nowhere to hurry. It would seem that the whole world lives quietly and measuredly. Somewhere over the snow pillars rise – a reminder of civilization.

The author passes the cold with the help of paints. Snow white with a bluish tinge. Not loose, which speaks about the subzero temperature. The sky is painted in pinkish tones of the setting sun. The day is still short, so the picture is most likely written shortly after noon.

In the work of Nyssa I really like the natural transfer of flowers. Even somewhere grayish snow indicates the truthfulness of the author. He does not idealize the winter, but shows all its beauty. Paint an artist also conventionally divides the image into a heavenly surface and the earth.

When you look at the picture, for some reason there is silence and lone signals of the train. Nature is hiding and waiting for spring.

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Painting of Nyssa “February Moscow”