The Painting by Shcherbakov “Russia near Moscow”

Boris Valentinovich Shcherbakov is a versatile Russian artist who created his works in the genres of portrait, landscapes and various thematic paintings. His landscape “Russia near Moscow” is one of the most famous works.

Although the painting was written in 1977, its name conveys an invariable patriarchal way, when this image can be dated by any age, because all these are eternal values. The artist paints his Motherland with great love and affection. In the picture – an ordinary rural landscape on a summer fine day. The bright sun shines and under their rays all nature enjoys good weather.

The central image of the painting is a blue river, dividing the image into two parts. Green grass, slightly burnt, completely covers the uneven hills in front of the river. In the grass there are many bright spots of small wildflowers. The path leading to the river, then disappears from sight, then again appears due to the elevation. On the right side is a small hillock, overgrown with willows. Usually it is these trees in Russia that grow near water bodies.

Over the river, as if in a mirror image, nature repeats itself. In the background, the path continues to the outskirts of the village, where the main building is, of course, the church. It was always built in the highest place, so that it could be seen from afar, like a lighthouse. In addition to the church, low cottages with front gardens look through the trees. And behind the village is a real forest, darkening under the blue sky.

The main colors of the picture are green and blue, so it gives the impression of freshness and spaciousness when you want to fall into this soft grass and dip your hands in the coolness of the river. Shcherbakov portrayed the familiar landscape of Russia’s central Russia. He seemed to want to say that this is my native country – bright, spacious and joyful, in which it is so good to live and love.

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The Painting by Shcherbakov “Russia near Moscow”