Painting by Meshkov “Golden Autumn in Karelia”

Before me is a reproduction of a painting by the remarkable artist V. V. Meshkov “Golden Autumn in Karelia”. The canvas is full of bright colors autumn, beautiful in its simplicity. I think the artist fully managed to convey the autumn atmosphere that reigned in Karelia on the canvas, while at the same time giving a piece of his soul.

In the foreground of the picture we see trees dressed in “golden brocade” tall, slender pine trees rise above the tree crowns, like gold coins. A huge boulder is located next to water, catching the reflection of nature. The trunks of the trees are half buried in the river.

In the background, behind the trees, surrounded by pines hid a small pond. On the left, behind him you can see a dark strip of forest. The cloudy, milky-gray sky is completed by the autumn landscape.

In the film “golden autumn in Karelia,” Meshkov revealed the special poetry of this northern, harsh nature. To convey her refinement and special charm, he found his colors. The painting is dominated by shades of golden and gray, with splashes of green. Thanks to this, a special mood is created that conveys the very essence of the Karelian region, the beauty of its nature.

To paint this picture, the artist used an extended horizontal format. I think this was done in order to show all the charm of Karelia. After all, look at how much everything is depicted here! A lot of rivers, a fringe, a golden forest, large stone boulders and a piece of sky.

I really liked this picture, it is simple, inconspicuous, but at the same time it is these qualities that make it unique.

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Painting by Meshkov “Golden Autumn in Karelia”