People in white coats

The profession of a doctor is a feat.

A. P. Chekhov

There are two professions in the world, without which humanity, perhaps, can not do: it is a teacher and a doctor. They are needed always and everywhere, under any circumstances: be it a war or a peaceful, peaceful life of the people.

At me the future physician infinite respect and huge pride is caused by doctors, whose names are inscribed in gold letters in medical science and practice. I treat with no less respect the doctors who performed and performed their duty in the conditions of increased danger: in the outbreaks and epidemics, on the battlefields and in the field hospitals, in the operating rooms and in intensive care. In all cases, the doctor faces a truly heroic task: to save human lives. And often it is necessary to solve this task at the risk of one’s own life.

But I have a special attitude towards children’s doctors. Save the life of a child, return him to a normal healthy life –

what can be more important and nobler than this? When I see sick children, sad, slow-moving, in my life or on TV, it seems to me that in their eyes there is a question: “For what?” The heart is just bursting with pain. But pediatricians see this every day and must struggle with childhood ailments. Children’s hearts are operated, the healthy kidneys are transplanted to the patients in return for the sick… And they take the colossal responsibility not only for the sick child, but also for his black parents. What kind of courage for all this! Doctor Dymov was just such a doctor. He saved the life of a diphtheria patient, and died himself. Only after the death of Dymov, his wife, who had been searching for unusual things all her life,

I consider asceticism to be everyday, often hellishly difficult work of a district doctor or a home doctor. Do not miss the symptoms that signal the most likely widespread and easily cured disease, something more complicated, in time and carefully analyze everything and make the right decision – this is the professional feat of district and home doctors.


especially want to mention Kharkov doctors, whose names are known not only in our city. Cardiotherapist L. Malaya. There is an institute in the city that bears her name. An amazingly talented person whose life can be called an ascetic life: Lyubov Trofimovna and her students save, nurse, put not only Kharkiv citizens on their feet. How many people continue to live and work today thanks to such doctors! LT Malaya – Academician, Order Bearer, Person of the Year, laureate of the prize “Golden Fortune 2002” … But one title was given to her not by people, but by fate: Doctor with a capital letter.

Not a single generation of Kharkiv citizens know the name of Academician VI Grishchenko. How many families thanks to Valentin Ivanovich had the opportunity to have children, to enjoy the laughter of children in their homes! Now VI Grishchenko has created and successfully manages the Center for Human Reproduction. The creative search that is being conducted here is a breakthrough in the science of the 21st century.

Truly, A. Chekhov was right when he said that the profession of a doctor is a feat, and the feat is everyday. And those who decided to become a doctor, you need to seriously think: are they ready for the daily feat, are they ready to bear responsibility for the lives of people. After all, the profession can be trained, and a sense of responsibility must be instilled from childhood and educated in him constantly.

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People in white coats