Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Rain in an oak forest”

The great Russian painter Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich was born on January 25, 1832 in the city of Elabuga. in the merchant family. He showed the ability to landscape painting and Shishkin, while studying at the Academy of Painting in St. Petersburg, was awarded a small silver medal for “View in the vicinity of St. Petersburg.” In 1858, the artist received a large silver medal for the painting “View on the island of Valaam.”

For his success in teaching, he, as a fellow of the Academy, made a trip abroad to Munich (1861), where Ivan Ivanovich visited the workshops of popular animal artists, B. and F. Adamov. In 1863 Shishkin moved to Zurich, then to Geneva, Prague, Dusseldorf. Shishkin returned to Russia ahead of schedule, not having completed the term of his steppe studies. Becoming an academician of painting (1865). Shishkin sinks into the work and creates such magnificent paintings as “Felling of the Forest” (1867), “Rye” (1878), “Pines,

illuminated by the sun” (1886), “Morning in the Pine Forest” (1889) .), “Ship Grove” (1898) and many others.

The painting “Rain in the Oak Forest” shows a road in the forest, all covered with a warm, summer rain. He does not frighten a strolling couple who, protected by an umbrella, calmly goes about their business. Ahead of them is a man, hiding his hands in his pockets and does not pay attention to the bad weather. According to the legend, the artist depicted himself. Mighty trees standing on either side of the road, framed the leaves and seem to be greedily drinking warm, summer moisture.

Further the path goes into the depths of the forest, which is depicted with love. Each tree is carefully painted by the artist, even a hollow on one of the trees does not overshadow the overall picture. The artist remarkably conveys the perspective in the forest. Front trees are written out accurately and in detail, and then everything drowns in a hazy haze, as it should be in the rain.

In the puddles, the reflections of the surrounding trees are visible. It means that the rain does not pour so much and it will probably end soon. Painting “Rain in the oak forest” does not bear the imprint of the epic and harsh paintings, which at that time the artist wrote. Despite the bad weather, the artist simply showed the charm of the surrounding world.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Rain in an oak forest”