Painting Kuindzhi “Sunrise”

The painting “Sunrise” is a piece of beautiful nature, it’s a small piece of paradise on earth. Looking at the majestic, sunlit mountains and the blue, bottomless sky, we want to stroll along the soft path, pralavshey morning dust, breathe fragrant mountain air and listen to the romantic tunes of birds.

How beautiful is the nature at dawn? Warm sun rays gently touch the tops of sleepy mountains and they instantly come to life, as if they turn into living beings, as if they enjoy life. They shimmer with bright colors, play in the sun in different colors.

The artist so skillfully distributed the tone that there is no doubt – this masterpiece was created by a man who truly loves nature. Here, colors are harmoniously combined. Here the tops of the mountains are tactfully painted in bright yellow, and after going down a bit, we notice how this sandy color gradually turns into scarlet. And the mountains are buried in the lilac haze of the morning mist.

Sunlight at sunrise gives an extraordinary color to this landscape, incredible beauty.

Nature slowly awakens… – Wiped with drops of early dew and illuminated with soft light, she prepares for a new day. Thick shrubs, which grew along the mountains, also felt the touch of heat. Some still remain in the shadows, but those that are located a little higher – play orange colors in the languid gleams of sunlight. And here a hazy haze spreads. It wraps, every bush, each stalk, envelops.

In the foreground of the picture is almost dark. Probably, here has not yet reached the sunlight and this area is almost entirely in the shade. A low tree sadly lowered its branches. Adds dramatic and black, gloomy gorge, along which descends the ghostly haze of fog. The river flows past the gorge. The viewer does not even notice her at once. After all, she is as ghostly and dull.

Kuindzhi skillfully depicted a multi-color work, which can not leave indifferent. He showed how different nature is, what unique it can be at sunrise. The artist clearly conveyed the play of light and shadow. And we want to look again and again in this landscape.

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Painting Kuindzhi “Sunrise”