The composition of Levitan’s painting “Wooded shore”

In my opinion, Isaak Levitan is an unsurpassed landscape painter. Each of his paintings is interesting and significant, reviewing the works of the artist, amazed at his talent. The unique combination of simplicity and depth of its “Wooded shore” does not cease to amaze the viewer.

This picture is close to every Russian who has a soul. Sears somewhere in the heart, when you see the painfully familiar river, a piece of “your” beach and a mighty Russian forest. Age-old pines and spruce, like faithful guardians, guard the peace of the winding river, reflected in its mirror transparency. Nature is filled with peace and quiet, everything is harmonious and natural. You peer into the picture, and from somewhere there is confidence in the future, you feel the power of great Russia, its power and greatness. So, the usual, at first glance, landscape with native birches in the background, awakens a feeling of patriotism in Russians.

Levitan with his pictures

teaches you how to love the corner where you were born, be proud of Russia-Mother. How relevant is the picture “Wooded shore” in the 21st century, how great is the artist’s talent. Having depicted the mighty trees and small bushes that covered the river with a thick wall, the author showed that this is how the multinational Russian people should protect their homeland.

Perpetuating the beauty and harmony of the Russian land, Levitan showed his personal attitude to nature. Looking at the picture, you understand that the author loves the evening landscape, with its solemn solemnity and importance. In the background, the sky is depicted, in the glow of a crimson sunset. Simultaneously, placing on the foreground the old stumps with their mighty roots, he made it clear that one should honor and remember his ancestors.

Thus, the picture “Wooded shore” leaves an exceptionally positive impression. It allows not only to enjoy the beauty of the native land, but also makes you think about the meaning of life, the fate of Russia, the future of its different, but united people.

I wanted so many young people to see this landscape full of great wisdom so that people in the 21st century understood and accepted the message of Isaac Levitan.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “Wooded shore”