Morning after rain

Have you ever seen a rainbow? Not in the picture, not in the movie, but the real rainbow in the sky? One fine morning I was lucky enough to see this miracle almost over my head. It was in the summer. My parents and I were resting in a small resort town near a wide and incredibly clean river. All the time, from the very beginning of our arrival there, there were hot sunny days. Sometimes from this heat it was possible to be saved only in the cool river water. In the middle of the day, everyone tried to hide in the shade of trees, and sunbathed and swam only in the afternoon. But one day everything changed. In the evening suddenly it became noticeably colder, and at night, not a single asterisk was seen in the sky. And at dawn suddenly it was pouring rain. In the morning we did not leave the rooms and were already slightly upset that the rest of the rest would have to be spent in the house – reading books and magazines or watching TV. Under the influence of the weather, which caused

sorrow, I did not want to get out of bed. Seeing that it was raining outside the window, I turned to the other side and began to fall asleep again, when suddenly my sister Tanya ran into the room and started shouting that I should rather get up and go with her to the street.

I got angry and said. that there is rain, and I’m not going to get wet in vain.

    “But no,” answered Tanya, offended, “the rain, by the way, has already ended, and if you do not go with me, you will not see something beautiful-you have never seen such a thing.” Although so you need it, lazy person! ” With these words, she ran out of the house. Interest in me overcame laziness, I got up and went after my sister. And then I saw a real miracle!

On the street, there really was not a trace of the weather. Through the foliage, the timid sun shone through, playing in rare, still not completely dry puddles. A little further, above the river, was a colorful “bridge” – a rainbow. I saw three bright stripes – red, white and blue, and between them a few less bright.

They beautifully smooth arc Connect two banks just in the place where the river was hiding behind a hillock. We wanted to take a closer look at this beauty, and we ran to the river. But the rainbow seemed to tease us and flee further and further.

Finally. We abandoned this occupation and just began to observe the wonderful natural phenomenon. We began to argue about how many in the rainbow arcs and what colors they have. For some reason, the same rainbow we saw in completely different ways. Танюшка assured, that accurately sees seven bright strips – red, orange, dark blue, green, white, blue and yellow. For me, the boundaries between these colors were blurred, and the colors were difficult to pinpoint. But the sight was incredibly exciting. And even when the rainbow disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, we still had a cheerful mood.

We walked home. looking at everything around completely different eyes. After the rain, all the flowers bloomed with renewed vigor and filled the air with a fresh fresh fragrance. Birds, delighted by the long-awaited moisture and freshness, cheerfully chirped on the branches. And on the blades of grass I still leafed with transparent drops of rain. It seemed that the plants wanted to keep these precious drops longer. The whole nature seemed to be transformed. There is a rain, which at first so upset us all, was needed by them – grass blades, bushes, flowers and birds. Now they did not hide their joy, generously sharing a good mood with us.

And besides that. only after the rain there is a rainbow in the sky! Now I know about it – I saw it with my own eyes!

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Morning after rain