The Painting by Vasiliev “Wet Meadow”

Landscape FA Vasiliev “Wet Meadow” immediately captures the attention of the viewer with its beauty and recognizability of its native nature. Recently there was a thunderstorm, but she was already leaving. The rain went to the distant forest, to the horizon. Perhaps from time to time from time to time dull thunder rolls. And in the foreground the weather changed. Although in the sky over the meadow dark, gloomy and shaggy storm clouds are still crowded, the hot sun shines through them timidly and brightly. It is reflected in the backwaters, gently illuminates the entire landscape – wet earth, succulent grass and a steep slope stretching along the water.

Everything on this canvas is alive, everything is in motion: and the trees in the distance, trembling in the wind, and the rain-drenched grass, and the troubled sky. The sky here is especially expressive – it’s not for nothing that the artist gave more than half of his canvas. Sinister and as if boiling

clouds, from which the stream of rain continues to flow, is in sharp contrast to the blue gleam among them and the glittering sun. The storm subsides, and it seems that the whole nature is smiling after the worries experienced. Perhaps, this struggle of bad weather and clear weather, subsiding passions – the main content of the picture FA Vasiliev.

Despite the fact that the plot of this picture is very simple, it is colorful and evokes a lot of emotions. The artist perfectly transferred the volume of a large open space with trees in the background. Ahead – wet bushes of green grass. They are written out very carefully and in detail, but the scaffold on the horizon is barely visible behind the shroud of rain. I can not even believe that this author was not writing from nature, but from memory.

And it feels like this leaves the canvas with freshness and purity. After a summer storm that has rolled, it’s especially easy to breathe. The air is fragrant, moist. Spacious, with a meadow stretching freely in front of us with green grass, all is filled with water. The sensation of moisture is felt when looking at the landscape, so talented written by the artist. The meadow seems a little sad and lonely, but very soon it will get warm, dry on a warm sun and play with joyful summer colors.

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The Painting by Vasiliev “Wet Meadow”