Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Noon: In the Suburbs of Moscow”

This picture, the eminent artist wrote in 1869. It was her very first acquired P. Tretyakov. It symbolizes a new stage in Shishkin’s work and it is called the first masterpiece of a landscape painter. The canvas presents a typical Russian landscape. On the street noon and literally just passed the summer rain. On an ordinary village road, the peasants in their hands, who are rakes, come. They waited until the end of the rain and go to work in the field. After the rain is still fresh, but the sun is already warming and the earth dries quickly.

In the fields grows bread, and its golden ears in the sunlight shine in gold. For the peasants, bread is so precious, because thanks to a good harvest one can not worry about the future, the village will be provided with food. Peasant labor is hard, but people do their work with love, because they know that they work for themselves and for the inhabitants of the whole village.

Shishkin as always masterfully writes out all the

details. In the distance you can see the country houses and the church. It is from this village that the peasants go. Apparently the path is not close, people are still going, and the village will soon become almost invisible. Most of the landscape is occupied by the sky. Pearly clouds are already floating away, taking with them the summer rain. The sky seems high and boundless. It is so pure and deep as the sky is only in the countryside. At night in this sky you can see every, even the smallest asterisk. In this landscape, the sky is the main object.

The artist, as in all his canvases, skillfully praises the beauty of Russian nature. After the rain, nature seems to come to life and rejoices in the warm rays of the sun. The earth greedily absorbed everything to a single drop of refreshing rain, and even the grass became greener. All nature has freshened after the life-giving moisture sent by the heavens. No wonder the landscape painter is so inspired by his native nature.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Noon: In the Suburbs of Moscow”