The Painting by Aivazovsky “Rainbow”

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is a famous Russian painter and seascape painter. The painting “Rainbow” reflects the romantic world view of the master, his admiration for the immense, ever-changing element of the sea. In the center of the artist’s attention is the theme of a shipwreck. Visually, the canvas can be divided into two parts. The background is more gloomy, dark colors predominate. High foaming waves emphasize the formidable might of the water space. In the distance, you can see steep rocky shores. Not far from them, slowly, but steadily plunges into the sea abyss the ship. His masts are intact, and the sails are not lowered, and this gives grounds to assume,

That the cause of the crash was not a storm, but rather one of the underwater reefs. Probably, people tried to repair the hole and save the ship, but they did not succeed – it gradually sinks to the bottom, and there is something majestic and solemn in this last breath of the once indestructible


The foreground differs from the rear and the color range, and the emotional state. Here the light shades predominate, and the tension is gradually replaced by calmness and peace. Waves subsided, they no longer feel danger.

We see a small boat, slipping on the sea, – on it escaped sinking ship sailors. The oars are lifting up steadily, the pilot indicates the direction in which to sail. People are exhausted and exhausted by the long struggle with the elements. They sit, leaning back against the sides, taking care to replace the rowers with time.

Despondency of seamen gives way to animation, joy appears in the eyes. Someone has thrown up his hand to heaven – perhaps he is offering a thanksgiving prayer to the Almighty. A rainbow appears in the sky, a forerunner of salvation. In general, the painting by IK Aivazovsky “Rainbow” leaves a bright, joyful impression. In it, the artist sings the courage of people struggling with the elements and emerged victorious from this unequal battle.

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The Painting by Aivazovsky “Rainbow”