Painting Romadin “Village Khmelevka”

Mikhail Nikolayevich Romadin is not for nothing a People’s Artist of Russia. After all, all his paintings are imbued with love for the Russian people, for his way of life, for the nature of his vast Motherland. His painting “Khmelevka Village”, which simply sunk into my soul with its calm, not bright beauty, was no exception.

In the foreground of the picture I see birches painted by the artist. They do not even see a single leaf, which means the coming of autumn. The trees stand on top of the hill, blown away by the winds. And behind them stretched the landscape of the village as far as the artist could see it. Looking at the picture, I seem to be on this hill among the birches and look down – on the spreading houses, fields, meadows.

In the very distance of the picture can be seen the Volga River. Now her water is already cold and next to her no one bathes. But my fantasy suggests that when spring comes, all the inhabitants of the village will go

to the river for water to water their kitchen gardens, and in the summer they will go swimming in it, rejoicing at the opportunity to take a break from simple peasant work.

This painting was written in 1944. It was a terrible time, then the Great Patriotic War was still going on, but people did not despair. They continued to work, grow vegetables in garden beds, keep domestic cattle in the stable and live freely, not submitting to the Nazis, without breaking before their onslaught.

On the contrary, as houses in the village huddle together, so the people of Russia took strength from each other and managed to withstand this terrible confrontation. And let these houses are earthen, odd-looking, but they are neatly painted white, next to them are well-kept gardens and fields. All this shows how diligent and tidy our people are.

When I look at the picture of Romadin, I have a sincere love for my people, but more I admire the Russian nature, the greatness, power and vast expanses of which are so lovingly drawn on it.

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Painting Romadin “Village Khmelevka”