Painting by Shishkin “Pine”

The picture “Pines, illuminated by the sun” I. I. Shishkin wrote in 1886. This period was especially fruitful for the artist, because he worked hard on sketches, trying to find the right ways to solve the most difficult tasks that he prepared for painting.

Some of the artist’s large landscapes have clearly outgrown the scope of our school imagination and today we perceive them as fully completed etudes that are well-meaningful in their composition. Naturally, such works include the canvas “Pines, illuminated by the sun.”

In the painting “Pines, illuminated by the sun” the artist put on the first place an attempt to recreate the general atmosphere of the landscape. And not in vain, because the result was excellent – the work bribes the viewer with a rather unusual, bright and fresh color solution, sincerity and persuasiveness.

In the picture, we see how gently the sun touches the straight trunks of trees. The painter

passed all the beauty of powerful tall pines. The artist specially “cut off” their tops with a frame, in order to create a sense of grandeur and luxury of trees, which seem to lack space on this canvas.

The landscape inspires the viewer with its spontaneity. Each tree here is individual and beautiful in its own way, and in each – an inexhaustible supply of vitality and energy. You look at the picture and feel the resinous aroma of pine trunks, as if you yourself are walking through the forest, you feel that a pine cone is just about to crack under your feet. You admire and revel in its majestic beauty…

All details of the picture – and the bark of trees, and needles, and bushes of juicy green grass on dry ground – the artist wrote in the most meticulous way, with great vitality and love of nature.

The life of the forest unfolds in this landscape very naturally and truthfully. Therefore, we can easily “dissolve” in the atmosphere of the picture. It is easy to imagine that we are walking along a pine forest, feel the touch of a warm sunbeam on the cheek, feel the pine prickly bump under our feet and breathe in the fragrant smell of resin…

A lot of heat and light radiates this picture. It is saturated with the fragrant scent of pines, the scent of flowers and grasses, some jubilant smile of a bright summer day. This landscape attracts not so much a linear composition as a harmony of colors and light.

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Painting by Shishkin “Pine”