Painting by Mashkov “Strawberry and white jug”

Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov is a very famous artist. His paintings are exhibited since 1910. The most famous are still lifes of the artist. One of his most famous paintings is “Strawberry and white jug”, created in 1943. The painting is painted in bright colors and large strokes, – the typical manner of the artist.

With what love are depicted berries in the picture. Strawberries on the canvas are so bright, juicy and ripe that I just want to take one, bite off her sweet flesh, enjoy a unique taste. The fruits of the strawberry are very large, they are favorably illuminated by the sun, they seem to bask in its rays, and are very attracting attention in the foreground of the picture, as opposed to the rear plan, unlit and dull.

Next to the strawberries is raspberries. Its leaves are almost white, and the fruits are light and small compared to strawberries. Near the silver plate with white and black currants, the berries look like beads, so liquid and shiny. On

the table in the bank are branches of currants with berries, urging us, as in childhood, to tear them straight from the twig and immediately eat them.

A white jug stands in the background, his pale contrasting beauty and brightness of the berries on the table.

The main components of the still life, of course, are strawberries. They spread all over the table as if they were posing for an artist, and he, in gratitude to them, lovingly depicts each of their bends and bulges. The strawberries are different, there are very large and bright, like the two on the left, there are smaller ones, they are individual, each with its own character. Different shapes and sizes of berries reflect the diversity of nature, its manifestations. Those berries that do not fit on the table, lavishly lie with a slide in a silver platter on the edge of the table.

The background of the picture is poorly lit, the edge of the jug fuses and dissolves in the dark, from this paint on the sun-lit table is even brighter and more saturated.

With what love for nature and its fruits Mashkov painted a picture. How much reverence for the gifts of the native land. When you look at the picture, you feel both the smell and the sweet taste of the strawberries depicted. And you penetrate your love for your native land, so well conveyed by the author.

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Painting by Mashkov “Strawberry and white jug”