The role of the book in my life

The role of the book in my life

From early childhood a person gets acquainted with books. They will accompany him all his life. They will be his constant companions, will help to understand difficult issues, to solve the most important life problems.

Book. She opens the window to a new uncharted world. This world is tempting, it calls us to its boundless expanses. Any book is important, no matter what area it was.

Historical – tell us about our ancestors, wars, uprisings. And from the distance of the past years we will look at the present, better evaluate and understand it. This book will guide us in the centuries, in which only she knows the way.

Sitting at the school desk, we are constantly confronted with scientific literature. Books on physics, chemistry, biology become our reference books. They are silent, but how many secrets contain in themselves and with joy they share with us their content! We just need to learn how to read them and take the most valuable.

The art book makes us make wonderful trips to our world. We experience together with the heroes, rejoice in their happiness, suffer with them and wait for the happy end.

The book teaches us to be kinder, gentler to each other, teaches mercy, empathy. She becomes our faithful friend at a difficult time, when we need to find the only solution that will help to get out of this situation.

Book! He is really a reliable friend. With any question, you can refer to it. After all, there is also reference literature, various dictionaries, encyclopedias. They are our irreplaceable helpers.

Great role of the book in human life. Without it, neither the education nor the culture of our society would be possible. It is the book that keeps in itself everything that mankind has accumulated over all the centuries of its existence in various fields. Often come to the temple books – the library, and there you will re-open a beautiful and delightful world!

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The role of the book in my life