Cinematography occupies an important place in modern life. Today, cinema has reached the peak of its popularity and has great educational and aesthetic power. Every

Saint-Exupery wrote the “Little Prince” shortly before his tragic death. As the poet A. Prasolov says, “individual human souls always publish their last, swan-pure, farewell

February 28, 1832 in the life of the writer there was an event that marked the beginning of a “beautiful heart drama”: Balzac unexpectedly received

What effect does true art have on man? Is it able to transform it morally? The author of the text makes us think about these

“A person can be destroyed, but it can not be defeated”. E. Hemingway Ernest Hemingway is a man of amazing destiny, the author of a

Among the many diverse legends we learn from the poem of the ancient Roman poet Ovid “Metamorphosis” and a beautiful but tragic myth about the