The Role of Money in Human Life

Money in our time is the most important, and many people are not indifferent to them. Literally everyone is grabbing for money. Without them, do not live, not soak, not dress. Every year, every thing is more and more expensive. (well, then he himself (a).) Good luck;))

Everyone probably knows what money is and why they are needed. A schoolboy of junior classes will immediately reply that money is such a piece of paper with which you can buy everything. If you ask this question to the economist, he will explain that money represents the universal equivalent of the value of other goods. All this is true. Have you ever thought about the role of money in your life? The person has five vital resources: time, knowledge, skills, money and connections. In themselves they do not mean anything, but serve to achieve their goals.

Agree, it does not sound very clever: “I want to have forty-eight hours a day” or “I dream to learn by heart all the Wikipedia”. But

for some reason everybody wants money in our society. There are people who all their life dream about them. Their life goal is to earn money for money. Not in order to buy a home, a car, to raise one’s standard of living, but simply for the sake of money itself. But is not it meaningless? If money is a resource, then they do not need to be earned at all, but for a specific task. For example, to build a house, buy an apartment, go to rest on the sea, buy a computer for a child… And then making money becomes much easier.

You know what you are trying for, you have an incentive! And money should only serve as a tool for this. And how are things around us? A huge number of people participate in a constant race for money. They change their time, skills, knowledge. And they believe that someday there will come a time when they will earn a lot of money and only from this they will be happy. But is not this a utopia? Each person has many desires, ideas, aspirations, which can and should be realized. The more you want, the more you have aspirations, the more interesting it is to live! You just need to set new

goals and objectives for yourself. Rush into battle on the field of life!

Everything changes in life: market trends, political systems, heads of state, oil and gold prices. Today you can own a fortune, and tomorrow you lose everything… everything, but not yourself. That is why it is necessary to become for yourself the most valuable investment, to receive income in the form of interest from your abilities and internal qualities. And then, in case of crisis, no bank will provide you with such security guarantees that you can create yourself if your inner self has real weight.

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The Role of Money in Human Life