Composition “Book or computer”

In my opinion of course that both the book and the computer has its pros and cons. Let’s disassemble them. The computer certainly has its pros, so that there is an e-book itself, a lot of information, news and so on.

And the whole book has only stories that will have to be bought in order to find out what will happen next. But, the computer spoils the eyes, but the book does not. And it seems to me that the book as it will be more pleasant to hold in your hands, you can emphasize the text where necessary, and in electronic form only to highlight, and it is not forever it. Therefore, the book will be better.

The book definitely outweighs the computer in the bowl of the oars. why? it is not very difficult to answer.

The book is life on a rustling, marvelously smelling sheet of paper. even even better, if it’s a manuscript. in the book you can feel all the subtlety of the author’s thoughts, feel them as the computer technique does not. Is it possible to turn the page in an ordinary book, and not to feel this pleasant rustling, the smell of ink? no. but these delightful huge libraries of the world with their ancient and completely new editions? can they be replaced by a computer? I do not think so.

This is the essence of the printed book-it immerses you in an unforgettable world, it causes pleasant sensations, it can accidentally be sealed in your bag, and you can read it at any time. the book is definitely better than a computer.

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Composition “Book or computer”