The essay on “The role of knowledge in human life”

Each of us wants to become an educated person. We want to finish higher education institution, get a good job, to apply the knowledge gained in practice. In our age of computerization, the century of scientific and technological progress, knowledge is needed for each of us. The human mind works wonders. Even in the seventeenth century, the English philosopher F. Bacon claimed: “Knowledge is power.”

Why do we need knowledge for man? Of course, to get a profession and do what you love. But knowledge must necessarily find an application, otherwise they will not bring any benefit. Knowing is necessary not only to know, but to learn to do something. He who acquires knowledge, but does not use it, is like one who plows, but does not sow. Knowledge must necessarily be associated skills. It often happens that a person has some knowledge, but he never applied this knowledge, because he did not learn to apply them. About such a person you can say that he knows something, but

does not know how. We, for example, can learn the rules of spelling, but be illiterate people, because we do not know how to apply these rules.

Who can be considered educated? It happens that a person has graduated from high school, but it can not be called an educated one. Such a young man received superficial, “satisfactory” knowledge, and even a higher education institution needed him only to obtain a diploma. And sometimes there are people who for some reason did not receive higher education, but are much more erudite, smarter than a specialist with a diploma. Those who believe that real education is achieved through self-education are right. If a person wants, he will be able to master many things on his own, he will be able to study for a short time what other will need for years. A person can be fully developed, and can be a good specialist only in some area. Reading is one of the signs of an educated person. It is interesting to communicate with people who read a lot. If a person does not like to read, he can not reach the heights of spiritual perfection. After all, reading is not just about learning

about facts or information. To read is to develop your own taste, to comprehend the beautiful.

In the history of mankind there were people who showed us what heights can be achieved through knowledge. Remember the era of the Renaissance, which gave the world titans thought, encyclopedic knowledge of which no one has so far surpassed. Who has not heard about the scientist, artist, musician, sculptor, architect Michelangelo Buonarroti, who went down in history as a poet who highly appreciated Dante? And the greatest painter, sculptor, poet Leonardo da Vinci was also a brilliant engineer, a scientist who anticipated many inventions of our time. Before the talent of such geniuses, more than one generation of people will be worshiped.

Life does not stand still. We are sure that tomorrow in the field of science and technology there will be even greater prospects. The main thing is that the great scientific achievements of the 21st century should serve the human welfare. And if a person’s life is not eternal, then science and knowledge cross the thresholds of centuries. Nobody can know everything. But man is arranged so that he all his life seeks to learn something, expand his knowledge. The most favorable time for learning is youth. Let’s not waste time! K. Stanislavsky argued that “every day in which you have not replenished your education, even if a small but new piece of knowledge for you… consider fruitless and irretrievable for you dead.” It is never possible to stop on what has been achieved. And we are sure that our knowledge will benefit the country, because, according to MV Lomonosov,

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The essay on “The role of knowledge in human life”