Why do we need a language, what is its role in the life of society?

Language originated in the extreme antiquity in the process of joint work of people. He helped people understand each other, work together, share their accumulated experience and knowledge. Since then, language has always played a big role in the life of society.

Firstly, it is used in all spheres of human activity, without it people can not do neither in everyday life, nor in studies and work, nor in politics. Language serves society, serves as a means of communication. With its help, people communicate to each other their thoughts and feelings, can do something together.

Secondly, the language helps to study the surrounding world, with its help there is a cognition of reality. We think, we come to some conclusions with the help of language.

Finally, he protects the experience of the people, accumulates knowledge and passes them from generation to generation. Hence, language provides the connection of times.

Thus, we have great opportunities: to think, to exchange information, to learn, to use the knowledge accumulated by our ancestors. And it’s all thanks to the language.

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Why do we need a language, what is its role in the life of society?