Writing the role of knowledge in human life

It is difficult to imagine a modern man who could not count the change in the store, read the inscription on the stand or would not know anything, for example, about AS Pushkin. To do this, you must either spend your whole life in confinement. Or be completely incapable of perceiving information. Our whole life is a continuous practical occupation, based on previously acquired knowledge. Knowledge we apply everywhere and always, from cooking lunch to protecting scientific work. And the quality of our life depends on the quality of our knowledge.

In order not to burn a thin synthetic fabric, it is necessary to know to what temperature it is possible to heat the iron. In order not to go broke, investing money in an enterprise, you need to know about its financial condition, understand the economy. To be a pleasant interlocutor and not to offend a person with a careless word, one must know the psychology of man and the rules of etiquette.

Knowledge of humanitarian and technical

sciences obtained at the school is a guarantee of continuing education in higher education institutions, obtaining the desired profession, and a normal salary. Each company appreciates an employee who, apart from being a good specialist, has deep knowledge in various fields, a broad outlook, the ability to find a common language with people.

In everyday life also different knowledge is needed – about the properties of substances, the rules of operation of different devices, the principles of behavior in emergency situations, about hygiene and so on.

In addition, knowledge enriches our world, opens up new horizons for us, improves our self-awareness. When we learn, we develop, we become more experienced, wiser, we perceive things around in a new way. And we always learn, every minute of life, not only from books and textbooks. Every situation we have experienced, every person we meet, brings us new knowledge about the world.

Therefore, in my opinion, in schools and universities we learn too much information that will not be useful to us in the future – neither in everyday life, nor in

work. What for the future teacher of literature of the jungle of higher mathematics? It is better to spend time and energy on getting knowledge of what is really important and useful for you. It’s good that now, thanks to the Internet and books, information on any subjects can be obtained without leaving home.

Since the importance of knowledge in human life I have already proved above, in conclusion I want to say that it is most important to teach a person to extract this knowledge.

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Writing the role of knowledge in human life