The role of knowledge in human life

There is no power more powerful than knowledge;

A man armed with knowledge –


M. Gorky

Everyone wants to be educated, to know more, to be able to do more. But the path to knowledge is not easy, it requires perseverance, perseverance. And every work is rewarded.

So what does a person need knowledge for?

First of all, knowledge is needed to get a profession and do what you love, because without knowledge you can not be a good specialist and you will not be useful to society. It is very pleasant to communicate with a person comprehensively developed. It’s interesting to talk with people who read a lot. Such people are well-developed speech, not for nothing AS Pushkin noted that reading is the best teaching. Knowledge adorns a person, they are a huge creative force.

However, knowledge in the hands of immoral people is a terrible weapon. After all, the most educated engineers created a death machine in Buchenwald, the most erudite, knowledgeable chemists and biologists invented biological weapons.

In history, there are examples of how people with deep and comprehensive knowledge reached great heights.

The biblical king Solomon asked for God’s only benefit – knowledge. For this he is awarded to all: wealth, wisdom, love, longevity.

Highly educated, erudite people were the artist, architect, scientist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci, the commander Suvorov, the scientist and poet Lomonosov, the great Pushkin and many others. They are just the bright examples of the great role of knowledge – what they can give to a person and how to influence his life.

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The role of knowledge in human life