The role of women in modern society

Female. The amazing creation of the Most High. Nature has given women the most important functions, because the appointment of a woman on Earth – to continue the human race. But in different periods of human existence, the role of women in society was not the same. How, in my opinion, then the fate of women falls much more overloads than on the fate of men. Perhaps, that is why nature created a woman much tolerance. A woman patiently wears out both emotional overload and physical. Physicians argue that even the pain of a woman and a man can withstand and feel in different ways. This is due to the fact that the genetic code of the woman is longer, although there are also a lot of long-livers among the husband. But however, all this is purely individual.

But with respect to the role of women in society, there is no common thought both among men and women. Personally, I believe that the woman most should make a choice between a family and career. Convinced by the example of

my family, which my judgment is correct. When my older brother was very small, my mother gave it to a kindergarten (then the mothers were allowed to be with the child only up to one year), where his illness began. He suffered several pneumonia, which developed into a chronic form, and remained painful for life.

At that time, doctors paid much attention to treatment, not disease prevention. I am sure that mothers should look after their children right up to school. And if a woman works, then she can not give herself fully to the family. Conversely, family problems prevent women from becoming a career. And our society, unfortunately, does not yet help its citizens, as it itself is experiencing a period of formation.

I’m not sure that women politicians or women businessmen are happy. Can a woman feel happy if a significant part of her life is away from home, confining herself to telephone conversations with children and a man? If the family is friendly, then neither. After all, mom needs children all the time. They need to feel her caress, hear her voice, see her smile. Otherwise, this is not a family.

I am ironic about feminists, because I believe that there can not be equality between a woman and a man, since the duties are different, because the rights must be different. And only losers call themselves feminists, because they are deprived of destiny. And every normal woman can be seen as one and loved.

In any society, a woman has the right to happiness. And, speaking of the role of women in society, it should be taken into account that it is on her that the physical and moral health of the younger generation depends, and, hence, the future of nations. That is why the social movement of mothers, worried about our future, is intensifying. By this movement, I am captured, since he does not reject the woman from the family, and even closer, since it is the woman who is the shore of the family fire, this is its significance for society.

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The role of women in modern society