The role of the book in my life is composition

Today it is difficult even to imagine a world without a book. We are taught a love of reading from early childhood, the book is able to reveal the secrets of life before us, give useful advice, help us understand ourselves and find our own way of life.

The most important purpose of the book is the preservation of knowledge that has been accumulated for centuries, this knowledge is passed on to the next and the next generation – such a chain is infinite and its path exists as long as there is a book in our life. The book has always helped humanity to make new discoveries in the field of science, scientists have relied on existing facts and made new discoveries in view of them. The knowledge gained from books helps us to move forward, conquering new peaks, thanks to the book we do not need to discover what was previously discovered.

Thanks to the book, a person develops and improves. After all, to understand the meaning that the author put into the work, you need to

read carefully and thoughtfully, analyzing all the information received. If we manage to understand the idea that the author wanted to convey to the reader, then we see a bright world of unique events, emotional experiences and important discoveries. Any book is able to leave after reading a vivid impression and give the person something new.

The book was always attributed to the shrine, even before the seal was invented, books were written by hand, and the covers of the books were decorated with precious stones. The most important book is the Bible – it is an ancient treasury of wisdom, which has come down to us from ancient times. The principles of life, which were set out in it, are relevant to this day.

I have a lot of favorite books, but I especially want to highlight such authors as Mikhail Bulgakov and Sergei Aleksandrovich Yesenin. I really like to reread Bulgakov’s great works and read Esenin’s poems, every time I re-read these authors with great pleasure.

In my life the book plays a very big role. The book is an eternal mentor and teacher, few people will be able to argue

with such a statement. I consider the book to be a valuable friend. Communicating with such a wise friend, I become more wise, adult, kind and human. It’s nice to go back to your favorite book again and again. Rereading the book, I always enjoy her company and receive priceless knowledge. The book is not only a reliable and eternal friend, but also a wise adviser, always ready to help.

I really want modern schoolchildren to read more, because today we take a lot of time from various technical innovations, as a result, not so much as we would like to read it.

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The role of the book in my life is composition