The role of the book in human life

The role of the book in human life

It is difficult for us even to imagine a world in which there is no book. We have become accustomed to it since childhood, she revealed to us the wonderful secrets of life and gave useful advice in a difficult moment, she taught us to understand ourselves.

The most important purpose of the book is to preserve the knowledge that has been accumulated over the centuries, and to transmit it to the next generations. Thanks to this, the rapid progress of mankind in the last centuries in the field of science has become possible. Most scientific discoveries are made on the basis of previously accumulated and systematized information, the results of experiments from all over the world. The knowledge we receive from books allows us to move forward without spending time discovering what is already

known to someone. We owe the book to the fact that even today we can enjoy masterpieces of ancient literature.

Communication with the book helps a person develop and improve. After all, in order to understand the meaning that the author seeks to convey to the reader, one must read thoughtfully, carefully, connect his own experience, be able to analyze information. And if the reader succeeds, then it reveals a whole world of interesting events, deep emotional experiences, intellectual discoveries.

At all times the book was treated like a shrine. Once, before the invention of printing technology, books were copied by hand, and their covers were decorated with gilding and precious stones. The book is considered to be the Bible – the ancient and eternal treasury of human wisdom for all occasions that has reached us through the difficult history of two millennia. The principles of life set out in it are still relevant today.

The book, written many centuries ago, helps us to understand the worldview and thinking of our distant ancestors, thus revealing the secrets of the human essence. Thanks to books, we can trace the evolution of a person’s world outlook, social structure, ethical norms. Books store the entire known history of our existence on Earth.

Today, the book loses its position in relation to other high-tech means of communication. But, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. Electronic books, which can be found on the Internet, greatly facilitate and speed up access to the information needed by a person. And the supporters of reading traditional books will always be a lot, because communication with the printed book makes you feel as if you are communicating with a living person.

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The role of the book in human life