Painting Izhakevich “Mom comes!”

Talented artist of the Soviet era, described the peasant life of the Ukrainian people, there is Izhakevich Ivan Sidorovich. His picture “Mom comes!” very emotional, warm, joyful.

She shows us two children. One older girl holds an infant in her arms. They have joyful faces and eyes sparkling with love and happiness. Apparently, my mother is already returning home after a day’s work, and her children are meeting her. On the back of the picture it is clear that the evening is coming into its own. Twilight covered the village, only from the children there is a bright light.

The girl is dressed in a white blouse, with a different ornament skirt and her. beautiful hair adorns a wreath. On a baby is a sun hat and a white shirt. The legs are wrapped in a red blanket. The face of the baby is very joyful. Lips represent a happy smile, even, perhaps, with a cheerful hail and gentle dimples on the cheeks. The little sister is a bit more reserved, perhaps because she is holding a child and is very focused on this process, or she already feels more mature and has a great responsibility on it.

Although the author used few bright colors, but the images of the children came out very bright and warm. It can be seen that the painting was written with love, care and inspiration.

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Painting Izhakevich “Mom comes!”