The Painting Surikov “The capture of a snow town”

The Cossacks had ancient fun, they liked to gather in crowds and storm the fortress, which was made from snow, this tradition was carried out on the last day of the Shrovetide week.

This moment, and captured in the picture Surikov, look at such a bright and colorful presentation came a lot of people. All of them are dressed in a festive way, the women put on their best scarves with huge flowers, men girded with new belts, they are all dressed warmly, they are wearing warm fur coats and fur hats. On all faces there are many emotions, someone laughs, someone with an open mouth looks at what is happening, marveling at the courage and strength of the storming fortress, especially happy and happy children, they waited a whole year for this spectacle to admire.

In the center of the picture we see a rider on a black horse, he storms a fortress, according to the rules he must break through a crowd armed with sticks, here he rushes on all the pairs to the snow fortress. His horse is frightened by such a congestion of the people, it looks uneasy. Behind the rider stands a whole crowd of joyful children, they look with admiration at the Cossack. The Cossack’s gaze is directed to the crowd, he is calm, it is clear that he likes what is happening, probably, he is not the first time storming the city.

The picture is full of positive emotions, each viewer is registered very carefully, on all faces different emotions. Looking at the picture, you hear children’s laughter, conversations in the crowd, a general rumble. When writing a painting, the artist uses a lot of white and blue shades, they paint snowdrifts, a snow valley in the distance and the sky. The snow in the picture is not the same as at the beginning of winter, it ceased to be fluffy and airy, it darkened and became friable. Also in the picture there are a lot of bright colors, they are used to depict the garments of peasants, their bright clothes emphasize their excellent mood.

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The Painting Surikov “The capture of a snow town”