Painting Serova “The girl, lit by the sun”

The outstanding Russian painter Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov for his creative life has created many works, many of which have rightly entered the treasury of Russian art. Whatever depicts this wonderful artist, whatever the themes he discovers in his work – be it portraits, historical painting, plots from ancient mythology, everywhere the author shows the depth and truthfulness of the image, the strength and purity of the embodiment of one’s own feelings. In all his works he seeks to understand the essence of phenomena, to comprehend the secrets of nature and the secrets of the human soul. And it is no coincidence that his best works belong to the real heights of Russian realistic art.

A distinctive feature of his work is the perception of man and nature in their inseparable connection, in a harmonious combination and the desire to convey this harmony in their works. One of the brightest proofs to this is the picture “A Girl Illuminated by the Sun”, a

portrait of Maria Yakovlevna Simonovich.

In this picture we see a portrait of a girl against a background of colorful nature. The forest in the background is filled with the unique bright colors of the summer. The dense green foliage forms a single, boundless realm, and the sunlit glade gives a sense of joy, warmth and light.

Having sat down to rest from the road or, perhaps, just enjoying the surrounding beauty, the girl sits a little thoughtfully, leaning against the trunk of a powerful tree. And in this form we feel as if we are the unity of man and nature. The sun gently illuminates it, giving an incredibly joyful feeling of happiness. I do not want to hurry anywhere, having dissolved in the charm of summer, the warmth of the sun’s rays, the freshness of the air, the coolness of shady trees.

A joyful, bright feeling is reflected on the girl’s face. This tells us her light smile and a healthy pink flush on her cheeks. She thought about something. The look of her radiant eyes is directed somewhere into the distance. What does the girl think at this moment? Maybe, everything that happened

around her, this secret, elusive life of the world around her, carried her away. Maybe she is trying to penetrate into his secrets. Or simply given to the sense of peace that he gives. And maybe, in her very soul hidden some hidden, exciting and unfamiliar feelings. And her heart is filled with a special, only known to her, a feeling of happiness or excitement, joy or mild anxiety. We can only guess about this.

And yet, even one glance at the work of the great artist is enough to feel the unique saturation of the whole picture with air, its transparency, freshness, harmony. The way in which the variety of bright colors is skillfully interlaced here, what rich and rich color range the author chose to convey his feelings, how unique is the combination of light and shadow – all this fills us with a special feeling of happiness.

The artist sings of youth and beauty as a single person, and all nature in general. In the pose, in all appearance of her heroine Serov demonstrates her spontaneity, openness, inner purity and beauty of the soul, clarity of the world perception, harmony with the surrounding world. He expresses in his work the joy of being, the joy of life, the joy of youth. And when we look at the picture, our hearts are filled with the same feelings.

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Painting Serova “The girl, lit by the sun”