The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Frog Princess”

The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Frog Princess”

Victor Mihajlovich Vasnetsov loved oral folk art and many heroes and plots for his paintings he drew from epics and fairy tales. In his paintings Vasnetsov tried to show the beauty and originality of the Russian people.

One such picture is “The Frog Princess”. On the canvas in the center is a girl. She dances and her hands are divorced in the sides, her head is thrown back, and the beautiful mill is bent. On the princess of emerald color, the robe is on the floor, and beneath it is a snow-white shirt. We do not see the girl’s face, she stands with her back to us, only long, thick braids appear to our eyes.

However, by the way musicians look at it, we can conclude that the princess is beautiful. They are solemnly and neatly dressed in colorful outfits. Guslars

look at the girl with admiration and a smile, they are fascinated by her dance, and the girl’s direct gaiety captivates and they themselves want to start dancing – their feet and dance, and the heads lean into the rhythm of the music.

Vasnetsov portrayed Vasilisa the Wise at the time when she was at the feast with the Tsar. It was at this moment that the princess shows amazing wonders: she waved with one sleeve-a beautiful lake appeared, others-snow-white swans swam along it. And indeed, in the background we see a beautiful surface of water, and on the water and in the air swans, such airy and beautiful, like clouds.

And behind the lake there are village huts and a tall, dense forest. The nature of the native land is beautiful and a small part of the picture that it demonstrates confirms this statement.

Vasilisa dances in the royal mansions, the room is very beautiful, and the walls and floor decorated with ornaments, and the carved legs of wooden tables that are bursting with dishes, and the doorway framed with paintings show this.

Vasnetsov’s painting is very bright and bright, the main character, of course, is a princess, she is depicted in dynamics, as if the living Vasilisa the Beautiful in the picture, froze for a moment, to resume her dance again.

However, everything that is depicted on the canvas testifies to the author’s great love for his people and his history: what expressive musicians and birches appeared, and far-away Russian huts, even the sky, light blue with white clouds floating peacefully along it.

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Frog Princess”