The composition of Yuon’s painting “The New Planet”

Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon was originally a recognized master of landscape. But in 1921, in an impressionistic manner, he painted an unusual picture of the “New Planet”, which became one of the artist’s most vivid works. This picture is not only about how a new planet is born in the universe, here through allegory, Yoon portrayed the October Revolution, which turned the life of many people upside down.

The painting is painted in bright colors – yellow, orange, red. They simultaneously warm and frighten the audience, but at the same time fascinate and do not allow to look away from the canvas. In the picture we see how a new planet is born in the sky, it appears suddenly and dazzles with its bright red color – flame and blood. And in all directions yellow rays run from it, reminiscent of the road to a brighter future.

That’s only the people who are depicted at the bottom of the picture quite differently meet this red new planet. Some see

in the appearance of the planet the real miracle that has happened and joyfully stretch out their hands to it, trying to touch it, to feel its life-giving warmth. Others are also happy that they see this miracle, they run to him, then fall exhausted to the ground and try to crawl to the new planet, struggling, but still want to learn something new that they could see, even if it is will be the last thing they will do in this life.

But there are those who are frightened by the fiery-red planet, looking at it they do not experience heat, rather, on the contrary, it scorches them, burns them. Therefore, they see in its appearance the real end of the world and escape from it, hide. They fall prostrate before her fire and heat and cover their heads with their hands, just to not burn out alive. But the most important thing is that the appearance of this planet left no one indifferent, just like the October Revolution, which reversed the old way of life and led to the emergence of a new state.

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “The New Planet”