The Painting Nechitailo “Motherhood”

In the painting by VK Nechitailo “Motherhood”, a young girl is depicted holding a long-awaited little child in her arms. She sits with her back to the window and bright summer sunlight illuminates the entire room and the face and mom and baby. Just look, with what tenderness and love the woman looks at the child. Pride and care are also read in her gaze. She holds the baby very tightly, he will never fall.

The child on the girl’s lap is probably a girl. You can understand this thanks to the pink sliders that are on it.

The child is about one year old and he is incredibly handsome and smiling. On the windowsill is a bottle of milk, apparently a young mother, put it there a little warm up. And after a couple of minutes he will start feeding his baby. Or maybe, on the contrary, she only fed him and is going to put her to bed.

Maternity is a very popular topic among artists, many pictures are written on this subject. But this, especially successful, because she clearly conveys the emotions and thoughts of the young mother. Using light colors, when writing a painting, the artist, as it were, emphasizes this light feeling that the mother feels for the baby.

Looking at this picture, and want to quickly pick up this fat and wonderful baby to play with him, and played enough to put him to bed.

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The Painting Nechitailo “Motherhood”