Painting Kopyttseva “Summer day Blooming lilacs”

Maya Kuzminichna Kopyttseva is a talented Russian artist, a famous master of painting and still life. Her paintings subtly convey the beauty and grandeur of her native nature, imbued with sensuality and touching.

One of the brightest and most colorful works of the artist, of course, is the brilliant in its simplicity picture “Summer Day: the Lilacs Blossom”, which was created in 1981. On the canvas is a beautiful, warm summer day. The rays of the hot sun play on the green foliage. Restless butterflies and playful dragonflies frolic in the air, tirelessly dancing the joyful dance of life. The garden is filled with the fragrance of flowering lush bushes of white lilac.

The aroma of this magnificent bush is intoxicating with the unique smell of summer and brings the viewer into the world of dreams and dreams. Shadows of swallows flash on the veranda. On the right, in the foreground, the artist portrayed two boys admiring the surrounding unbridled beauty and leading an unhurried conversation. The sounds and aromas of nature give friends a wonderful mood. The eyes of the children joyfully sparkle, the faces are carefree and happy. And the entire inner world of children reflects the charm of the surrounding nature.

The picture is imbued with unprecedented optimism and positive, incredibly realistic. The author used a magnificent palette of colors to convey the incredible beauty of my mother – nature. The white color of the lilac represents purity and chastity, pink sends a charge of energy and vivacity, and a lot of green shades gives confidence and stability. Any adult viewer, having looked at this bright work, will want to feel the serenity of childhood and the energy of youth.

The painting “Summer day: flowers lilacs” calls to appreciate and cherish native nature, to enjoy the unspeakable beauty of the surrounding world.

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Painting Kopyttseva “Summer day Blooming lilacs”