The composition of Yuon’s painting “The Sorceress-Winter”

The talented artist Konstantin Yuon created the picture “The Sorceress-Winter” in 1912, when he, a young, energetic painter, was looking for his own ways of expressing the splendor of his native land. This picture of a joyful winter mood tells of the wonders and fun of the winter, of a snow-white fairy tale that adorned the earth, hidden under the snowy carpet everything gloomy, boring, ugly.

On the canvas “The Sorceress-Winter” the painter painted the outskirts of a typical Russian village. The bright sun illuminates the beauty of the winter landscape, sparkling with precious stones on trees and snowdrifts. Rural houses can be seen in the background of the picture, and behind them there is a magnificent forest covered with sparkling snow. The trees are dressed in chic white dresses. On the left, on the hillock, there is a dome of a village church. In the foreground of the landscape there is a frozen pond where children skate.

From the shore for the guys watching the old people – the peasants, remembering how they themselves in their youth indulged in winter fun. The guys at the pond fidgety throw snowballs, and other boys flounder in snowdrifts. The spectator sees how a woman with a small child rushes to the rink. A few riders are riding, a sleigh driven by horses is passing by. A lot of people went out just to walk along the rural street in a nice winter day. At all gathered joyful mood, nobody wants to go home on this dazzling winter day. Probably, this is a Sunday or a holiday, the peasants’ clothes are bright and elegant.

How beautiful Russian wizard-winter, as skillfully and inimitably conveyed the magnificence of the native nature of the artist in his work. How you want to walk through the creaky snow-white snow and fully experience the unique color of village life!

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “The Sorceress-Winter”