Painting by Krymov “By spring”

Painting by N. P. Krymov “Towards the Spring” strikes with the purity and freshness of the very first, still timid sun rays. This blinding light gives an incredibly joyful, cheerful mood, it pierces the canvas and literally overwhelms all that exists, involving in the stormy spring wave and houses and trees.

The color scheme used by the artist is noteworthy. Slightly blurred contours, blurred lines and clarified objects create a surprising impression of the inexplicable ease inherent in the earliest spring. Thanks to this method, even rustic wooden houses with their chimneys, lofts and thatched roofs seem beautiful and lovely, and trees with bare trunks are crystal-weightless.

Coming in a modest suburb of spring with its elusive magic is able to decorate even this inconspicuous corner. Already coming off the sloping roofs the grayish snow has outlived its last days, miraculously turning into a slender line of icicles, whose cheerful and cheerful drops enliven

and refresh the picture. There is also a high snowdrift near the wall of the house, but its days are already numbered, it very quickly melts under the influence of the spring mood of nature.

So all the earth revives and rejoices in spring, while still frozen in anticipation of real heat. And the cat, cunningly sneaking on the roof, and birds, bright spots stand out against the background of monotonous trees, enliven the picture, giving it a unique charm and dynamics. The scarlet color of the bullfinches and the yellow feathers of the titmouses help the artist to add variety to this flooded picture. They attract attention and serve as skilful strokes in this uniform and restrained gamut.

Cheerful and fabulous sees through the branches of the high spring sky. And suddenly the white clouds that have come running can no longer protect the earth from the bright and festive sun rays that awaken all life, transforming the sad landscape.

The softness of cool early spring, her first caresses and beauties fully appear before the audience in Krymov’s film “By the Spring.” All human aspirations, desires and dreams, living even in this small, unsightly suburb, give a feeling of freshness, joy and true happiness.

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Painting by Krymov “By spring”