Painting by Gerasimov “Noon, Warm Rain”

Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov is the most talented Russian artist. His role in Russian art is very great. Alexander Mikhailovich throughout his life with special love depicted nature during the rain or after the rain.

The painting “Noon, Warm Rain” is amazing and beautiful. The viewer gets the impression that he is standing in front of an open window. On the windowsill there is a bouquet of lilac in a glass vase. These flowers can not be ignored. They are so beautiful, fresh and surprisingly real. It seems that you can touch them. Also it would be desirable to feel their aroma – fresh, gentle and very pleasant. Dark stems of flowers are visible in clear water. The artist gave all the details, even the most insignificant.

If you look out of the window, you can see the sky, which was obscured by dark, leaden-gray clouds. Just passed a heavy rain, even on the glass you can still see the drops. On the ground, puddles are visible. On the branches of the

trees there were large drops of rain. A strip of clear sky is visible on the horizon. However, soon the clouds will be closed.

Rain always creates a special mood in people – sad, lyrical or, conversely, cheerful and joyful. Usually sad thoughts bring autumn rain. Summer or spring rain, on the contrary, pleases.

The picture shows the spring season. This is evidenced by various details: a lilac, a bright sun, a stormy bloom on the street. May rain can not but rejoice. He renews and refreshes the world around him. It’s so warm outside that the rain brings only positive emotions. Soon the clouds will disappear. And you can enjoy the beauty, brightness and freshness of nature.

The picture allows us to forget about everything in the world, to think about how beautiful life is, how pleasant the spring rain is, how many pleasant emotions appear when looking out the window. The artist sings the beauty of everyday life. All the most common can be awesome and beautiful. The picture creates a bright mood, despite the abundance of gray and brown tones. The storm has passed, the clouds are about to leave,

the sky will become clear and clean. The spring day is delicious, the world seems fresh and very young.

Very interesting is the window that is depicted in the picture. It is quite old, in some places paint peeling off, the heckles rusted. Tulle is old and gray. It seems that the house itself is old. Maybe he is located in some remote village. And, maybe, it is a country house where people come only in a warm season. The transparent glass vase is simple and uncomplicated. She can not decorate a luxurious interior. But still it looks no worse than expensive and refined vases. This vase has its own special mood. And she looks so wonderful with the lilac.

The garden, which is visible from the window, looks well-groomed, despite the old wooden fence. The beds are dug up, the bushes and trees are neat and fresh. The willow branch hangs over the window, creating a special atmosphere.

If you look into the distance, you can see a small lake. Further away is the forest and mountains. The outlines are unclear, so we can only guess what is there.

The general impression of the picture is the most familiar environment for us. However, she makes you think, adjusts to a special lyric style. Spring day, when it just rained, personifies the purity, freshness of nature and life in general.

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Painting by Gerasimov “Noon, Warm Rain”