The Painting by Saikina “Children’s Sports School”

In the Russian artist’s picture we see a large and spacious school sports hall. In the background of the picture, on the wall of the hall, the “Swedish wall” is fixed. There are rows of balls in the row. From this it can be concluded that the gym is gymnastics: here they are engaged in gymnastics. Apparently, artistic or sports.

In the foreground of the picture are girls sitting in gymnastic bathing suits and leotards. Probably, they recently came to the training, not all had time to “warm up”. All students have similar hairstyles: the hair is neatly picked up and tightly tied in pigtails, tails, “flyers” and “bagels.” Preparing at home for classes, they dressed and combed themselves so that this outfit was convenient for training.

On the middle plan of the picture, the teacher in a blue sports suit has already started practicing exercises with a hoop with a group of her wards. It is a slim, smart woman with a strict “bump” of hair on her head.

In the refined movements of all the girls, athletic grace flashes. One schoolgirl, without waiting for the trainer, took up the job with the hoop herself. The second, in black tights, waits for the first to give her a hoop. Other young gymnasts are waiting for their turn on the bench, they are watching how their girlfriends are doing.

The picture pleases the eye with live colors: in the foreground stands an athlete in a bright red suit and white golf. Her cheeks flushed with a blush, she glows with a smile – it is clear that classes bring her real joy. She talks with passion about something with her friend.

The author of the painting is Alexander Vasilyevna Saikina, an artist, worked as a tutor for a certain period of her life. She watched a lot of children, their sports activities, games, hobbies. Perhaps, therefore, the picture of this particular master was chosen for the theme of the school essay.

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The Painting by Saikina “Children’s Sports School”