The Painting by Bryullov “Italian noon”

What do I imagine when I hear “Italy”? Good shoes or boots on the map? Of course not! Italy is, above all, the sun, a peculiar way of life, beautiful people and, of course, fruit! Probably, and Bryullov saw just this, because his famous painting all this displays. What did the artist sing? What did he teach?

Sang the beauty of a glorious country, which he clearly loved, and girls, a bright representative of Italy. A young girl, whose skin reflects the sun, and in her eyes a smile, is dressed simply. But expensive jewelry shows that it is sufficiently secured. How amazingly Karl Pavlovich uses his power over her image. It seems that the expensive barrette, like a ray of light, lost its way in her hair. And the earrings complement beauty, giving it a unique shine.

And he taught the creator to appreciate the rare moments of happiness, when you see a smile, beauty, a whole world of peace, an awareness of the importance of small things. It would seem that there is nothing mysterious in the harvest, but the girl depicted in the picture does it as if she were performing a mysterious ritual dance of love and incredible grace and beauty. She brings great pleasure not only to collect grapes, she likes to smile, because then she herself resembles a ripe, juicy berry that all glows in the sun. Everything loses its colors in her presence, because there is no brighter than that kindness and coquetry that is visible in her eyes.

Most of all I liked the simplicity with which the artist presented us his main character. She does not sit in the palace on a magnificent chair, she does not have gorgeous outfits. Such beauty is natural, and more significant in the eyes of a true gourmand and connoisseur of tenderness. Learn to look in a new way on simple, familiar things. To see and appreciate what once seemed unimportant and uninteresting.

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The Painting by Bryullov “Italian noon”