The composition of Levitan’s painting “March”

Thanks to the famous painting by artist Isaak Ilich Levitan “Mart” many artists subsequently began to attach great attention to early spring. He is the first who painted the early spring so bright, colorful and picturesque.

The day shown in the picture is very sunny and therefore, it seems, is warm. Just yet a thick layer of snow covering the ground, throws in a shiver. The trees are still quite bare, only large dark pines give a little green. On the roof of a small porch, it is already noticeable how the snow melts, leaving a wet place after it. The sky is very bright and clean. It rejoices in the spring, sparkling in the sun with its blue.

A great rarity in the paintings of the artist are living beings. But on this work, he showed a lonely horse, which stands at the doorstep of the house and basks under the warm rays of the sun. It is harnessed yet in the sleigh, since there is a lot of snow. Near her feet the master put the hay to eat the animal. But it is not as clear and bright as nature around. The snow is shown in many shades and overflows, that if you look closely at it, it seems as if it is melting in front of your eyes. The road gets dark, the water drips from the roofs, and the heaps decrease. And all this is accompanied by a gentle breeze of the wind, the singing of birds and the sound of falling drops.

The author gives us the opportunity to feel the onset of spring every time, as soon as we look at the picture. Hear the sound of waking nature and even feel its freshness.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “March”