Painting by Makovsky “On the Boulevard”

One of Makovsky’s favorite themes was the depiction of the life of the people, he often had to turn to the images of the peasants.
This picture is considered the best of all his works, in it he was able to fully reveal the conceived theme and show his skills.

We see that the picture shows a man with a hormone, and next to him there is a young girl, she is holding a baby in her arms, which is wrapped in a blanket.
On the flushed cheeks of the accordionist, we can assume that he drank a little after a day’s work.
It seems to me that he is bored of his boring life, and he wants to break out for a walk, but a wife with an infant who also tired him and does not let him do it.
It seems to me that thoughts about the family, and not simple, but ideal, are absent from this worker.
In his eyes you can see only alcohol.

The image of a girl with a child seems to me lonely.
Although we have a family before us, it has already collapsed.

No matter how much the girl wanted to recreate her again, for a man, a starlet and a glass became more important, he does not need a family, she is burdensome.
I feel sorry for the girl, she has no one to wait for help or support, she is alone in this city with her problems and sufferings.
And the city against the background of this young mother does not seem friendly, he is as sad and melancholy as her life in it.
You may think that the picture does not show anything special.
We just got used to the fact that the drinking head of the family is the norm.
That a poor woman is forced to pull the entire household on herself, and often earn money to feed her family.
This is a great tragedy of our country, a disease that can not be cured by anything.
We are used to avoiding other people’s problems, we have no compassion for other people, which is why we often do not notice problems in ourselves.
It seems to us that if this happened to others, it will never concern us or our family, but we are often mistaken on this score.

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Painting by Makovsky “On the Boulevard”