Painting by Kramskoy “Unfortunate sorrow”

What family did without loss of a close relative? Who does not know how hard it is to bury a native person, knowing that you will not see him again, you will not touch him, will not you talk with him? A special grief of the mother, it can not be compared to anything, there is no consolation to the woman in anything. Wherever she looked, whatever she saw, everything reminded her of her baby. There is no place for her to disappear from the terrible longing for her child. Thinking thoughts like about the days spent with him, and about his possible future, which neither he nor she will see. It all tears the heart. In the picture of Kramskiy this moment is precisely represented. What gives the picture an even greater tragedy? How does it affect the viewer?

How frightening is this still not an old woman. Even looking at her heart can not stand the tension that just tears her apart. Immediately come to life those days when he himself experienced something similar. And yet, with the grief

of the mother, nothing compares. The author of the picture laconically described all those moments that show the depth of this feeling. And the portrait of the inconsolable woman is obvious. proof of this. It is like a damp candle, not only does it radiate, illuminating everything around, but it also extinguished from the inside. There is not a single ray that would open it. She’s all covered up in this torrent of bitterness. The eyes froze with fear and indifference. “How to live now,” she seemed to think. And there is no answer to these painful thoughts. The color of the skin and hair show in what hellish suffering its last days have passed. Slender, beautiful, who did not know the big trouble until now, what a contrast the life that is now waiting for her. Even when quiet days come on, she will never forget her loss.

Being in the middle of the picture, a woman is herself the embodiment of grief. Everything that surrounds her, only exacerbates this impression. I noticed how Kramskoy accurately wrote out everything that gives this sad moment of truth. A small coffin vividly contrasts with the fresh flowers that stand side by side. Luxurious furnishings, magnificent paintings on the walls, a beautiful dress of a heroine, an exquisite work of a handkerchief in her hands are such small and insignificant moments compared to the feelings of a mother who has lost a child. Everything seems empty if the heart is torn from the chest.

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Painting by Kramskoy “Unfortunate sorrow”