Painting Tropinin “Portrait of the singer Bulakhov”

Tropinin impressed with his diverse approach to ensuring that the people he painted in the familiar home comfort conditions benefited from it in his own way.
Every contemporary could not only notice the similarity with the original, but also read the personality features in a smile, in the expression of a person, in a glance.

Here, for example, Bulakov, this popular once singer, whom the public loved so much, posing for the artist could not hide his artistic nature.
Over the collar of the shirt, which is so playfully open, as if he knows that fans will admire him, a handkerchief is tied.
A fashionable hairstyle, where the hair is carefully laid, frame a beautiful face.
The edges of the lips as birds shot up, showing the cheerful disposition of this man.
A beautiful hand brush with long musical fingers, elegantly holds the book.
The singer took it either to show her love of reading, or to supplement the portrait that sang its appeal with

an intelligent note in detail.

Especially I was touched by the look of this young man.
I noticed that the artist, who has played various roles on the stage several times, understands that the most difficult thing for him will be to portray himself.
Therefore, in the eyes, radiant with an unprecedented mind, there was a longing for depression.
This merry fellow in public who does not appreciate the intelligent and wise interlocutor, most likely presents himself as a nice joker, ready at any opportunity to speak compliments to ladies and witticisms to the gentlemen.
Only friends knew the depth and breadth of Bulakov’s personality.

The color that the painter used for his portrait shows me what kind of relationship there was between the artist and the singer.
Most likely they were connected with creativity and love of beauty.
That is why in the picture the most gentle and warm tones painted the face and hand of Bulakov.
His immense home robe told me that the artist was very fond of convenience.
A bright background, where the artist carefully selecting colors, painted the background, illuminates the contours of the figure.
A beautiful element for giving light to the image.

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Painting Tropinin “Portrait of the singer Bulakhov”