The composition of Yuon’s painting “A spring sunny day”

Looking at this talented painting, we admire the advent of spring. There is still a lot of snow on the hills and along the road, but it is not the same as before: the snow has darkened, the donkey is ready to melt soon. Children are happy to last this year the opportunity to ride a lot on the sled. They rushed out into the street, they were having fun and making noise. One of the children climbed onto a fence and looked at his comrades, and someone climbed onto the roof of a small hut to roll down from there, like a hill.

In the foreground the artist portrayed young women. They dressed up and went out to the spring crowded street. It’s probably Sunday. You can relax, put on the best outfit and, without hurrying up, chat with each other. Beauties stand under the windows of a large log house and talk about something, looking at the sky. Most likely, they enjoy the warm rays of the sun and watch the clouds running high above. Perhaps, there, among the clouds, the women saw

flocks of migratory birds returning from distant lands to their homeland. Many birds (most likely rooks) have already arrived. They densely clothed trees, bustle, make trouble and build their nests on high birches. Birds further enliven this joyful picture of the arrival of spring.

The author of this expressive canvas showed the spring sky very well. It is bright blue, with fluffy clouds, high and bright. Looking at him, I want to dream about something good. The sun itself is not visible in the picture, and yet it is everywhere – everywhere. Sunlight pours from the sky, illuminates houses, church domes in the distance, trees, the remaining snow and, of course, people who are very happy about the sun and the heat. Chickens, led by a smart cock, also happily wander in the sun. They look at the little boy who stopped at the fence, on the border of light and the shadow falling from the house.

From this picture and wails the purity and freshness of the early spring, its fragrances. We enjoy its delicate colors, variety of tones and enjoy the beauty of our native nature.

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “A spring sunny day”