Painting Serov “Girl with Peaches”

In the large bright room near the table there is a girl with a peach in her hands. Her black, unruly hair was disheveled, and her dark eyes were looking straight at the viewer. This pensively sly sight is familiar to many according to the description of the picture “The Girl with Peaches” of Serov.

The girl in the picture is called Verusha Mamontova. Her, the daughter of a famous Moscow businessman, a young artist Serov first saw at the age of 11 years. A girl with a peach in her hand ran into the room – and the artist offered to pose for her. So the great picture was born.

Serov and himself at that time was still a few years: only 22. “Girl with Peaches” became one of his first glorified paintings. The artist recalled that this work was given to him not easily. He wrote to Vera for two whole months. The girl was quickly bored with posing. But Serov really wanted to draw her exactly as he had seen her. Alive, fun and young. And he succeeded:

until the artist’s death, he will be recognized by this work.

Vera Mamontova sits at the table, covered with a white tablecloth. On the table lies a knife and several ripe large peaches. At the first glance at them and pulls to take a peach in his hands, twist and then bite. That’s exactly what the girl did – she took one of the fruits and folded her hands on it. But she does not think about the peach. This is indicated by her pose, and her gaze, which goes away into the distance. Vera is dressed in a gently pink blouse, tinted by a large black bow. It seems to me that this bow plays a big role in this picture. This is the detail that reveals the character of the Faith, bright and full of surprises.

And the room around the girl is filled with light and warmth. Soft pink, gold and blue colors flow one into the other. Even on the dark brown backrests of the chairs, sunlight is noticeable. It is immediately clear that this is a joyful childhood. Subsequently, Serov presented a picture of the girl’s mother, and the canvas hung for a long time in the very room that was painted on it.

But what about the fate of the Faith itself? Before writing an essay on the painting “The Girl with Peaches” Serov, I wanted to read about this. She will live a happy, but short life and die at 32 years old. From her beauty will remain only a picture…

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Painting Serov “Girl with Peaches”