Painting by Vasiliev “View of the Volga.” Barges “

Painting is inexhaustible in its ability to recreate the world of nature. Before us is the picture “View of the Volga. Barges.” A high mast stands against the background of light, swirling clouds, and its point almost merges with the damp blue of the air. A half-sail is stationary. With long, dense strokes, the artist sculpts the heavy fabric of that warm, golden tone that only gets objects in the sun.

Transparent shadows in the folds of the sail shade its shining, as if it is saturated with light, color. Gorgeous, graceful silhouette of the sail on. background of the Volga expanse.

It seems that all this moment of life of the Volga nature, conveyed by the artist, is filled with moist air, a dim sunshine.

The reddish, hot sand of the beach itself emits heat, which is transmitted to the viewer. The immobile surface of the water reflects the changing shadows of the running clouds.

The bright sense of harmony that is born when we meet this picture does not leave us, because it is impossible to forget neither the captivating color, nor the grace of the composition, nor the joyful radiance of the hot and humid nature that is transmitted in it.

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Painting by Vasiliev “View of the Volga.” Barges “