Writing about maternity

Vasily Kirillovich Nechitailo is a Soviet painter whose paintings are kept in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, the Ulyanovsk Regional Museum. One of the most moving and light of his paintings is “Motherhood”. And not in vain, because it is the mother who loves her child, at all times, caused people only the best tender feelings, and motherhood was the theme that artists, writers, poets and sculptors praised.

In Nechitailo’s picture, viewers see Mom and her baby sitting by the window. All the canvas is flooded with sunlight, illuminating not only the mother and the child, but also outside the picture, giving to everyone who looks at the picture. We see Mom, who keeps her only child on her knees gently, gently, trying to make it comfortable for him to sit, but at the same time very tight so as not to miss the child and not let him fall.

Mom’s head is slightly inclined to look at the child, to admire him. But most importantly – the maternal view, it also seems to radiate the sunlight. So much in it is reflected her love, care, tenderness for the baby, whom she presses to herself. Looking at this smile, you understand that such a mother will grow up a healthy and happy child who will receive a sea of ​​the most sincere love and care.

The baby also feels this maternal love. He still does not know how to speak, but his wide-open eyes and happy smile speak for themselves. This little man understands perfectly well that now he is surrounded only by love and happiness, so he joyfully fidgets on his mother’s knees and is happy with the sunny day.

Such a touching picture can only evoke bright and kind feelings. She takes us into a carefree childhood, when there are no problems, no worries, because there is someone next to whom the love is simply limitless – a beloved and loving Mom!

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Writing about maternity