Painting Grabar “February Azure”

“February Azure” – this is perhaps the most famous picture of IE Grabar. It is very accurate and at the same time very emotionally portrayed a quiet fine day at the end of winter. The edge of the birch grove is permeated with sunlight. The whiteness of the trunks and snow, the blinding blue sky, the deep blue, lilac-toned shadows, falling from the trees – all this gives the painting an amazing tenderness, beauty and joyful mood.

It feels that it’s still frosty, but the sun’s rays are already warming up well. Spring is not far, it’s about to come! From such thoughts it becomes fun, but at the same time and a little sorry for the passing winter. I want to have time to see enough of its beauty, breathe in the frosty cleanliness and freshness, wander through this beautiful winter grove.

Ahead of all the other trees, the author painted an old birch tree. It is tall, powerful, and its thick trunk is slightly curved. It can be seen that

this tree has lived for many years, has seen both blizzards and hurricanes, and now it meets a new spring. The branches of this birch are strong and sprawling. They seem especially white against the background of the bright sky. At the top there are a lot of last year’s withered leaves. It will not be too long, and they will be replaced by new, green and young leaves.

A little behind, we notice a lot of thin young birch trees, which are interlaced with branches, forming bizarre patterns. It’s a bit like winter patterns on a windowpane. Through the trunks and branches you can clearly see the serene azure sky. At the top of the picture its blue is bright, saturated, and at the horizon the color of the sky brightens, becoming almost white. The image of heavenly depth and bottomlessness was especially successful for the author of this painting. The landscape seems alive. As if we ourselves stand on the edge of this quiet, fallen asleep birch copse and admire its beauty.

The winter picture is filled with the expectation of rapid warmth and a joyful, light awakening of nature.

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Painting Grabar “February Azure”