Painting by Plastov “Mama”

The picture shows a woman who shakes a cradle with an infant, and next to the cradle is a girl of about three. The picture is made in bright colors. Pillows that are lined with a pyramid, behind the back of a woman of red color. The wooden hut, on the wall of which hangs a portrait, probably is a portrait of the husband of this woman. A bright light breaks through the window. You can even see the vase with rowan branches standing on the windowsill. The bouquet is already dried, as the leaves of the mountain ash have turned yellow, and the bunches have dropped.

In my opinion, the Plastov in his work tells us that there is no one more human than the mother. That only my mother does not look at all the adversity, and complexity will always love us. With what love and affection she looks at the baby. In my opinion, the white clothes of the baby, as if telling us that all the little baby angels. The woman is going to feed the baby. A little girl, with a wheat-colored hair, she also

symbolizes an angel, because she is also dressed in a white dress. She seems to be afraid of touching her brother or sister. It seems that she crept up and just admires. Even hid the dark bear, so as not to scare the baby.

Now the family is a very rare second child. People are afraid that with the advent of a second child, they will not cope with financial difficulties. It is also worth noting the order that is depicted in the house, hence, the woman likes cleanliness. The girl who is standing next to the cradle is dressed in a clean dress and the hair on her head is braided in a braid, so mother’s love is enough not only for the baby, but for the older child.

I believe that maternal love knows no bounds. This, in my opinion, the artist wanted to convey to us. Very realistically, he managed to convey the atmosphere of a village hut, cushions, the back of an iron bed, lace curtains, and most importantly the cradle, all this indicates an era when people were more important to families than phones and household appliances.

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Painting by Plastov “Mama”